Another Planet

$24.95 $49.95

Our magical and mysterious collection has the vast infinite potential to upgrade your room.

Bring now the cosmic vibes inside your personal spaces. Our colorful and vibrant items make quickly a deep and meaningful difference in the mood. Transform now the normal rooms into higher-vibrational areas beyond words.


  • Small: 20x55cmx1,20x40cmx4(8x22inchx1, 8x16inchx4)
  • Medium: 30x80cmx1,30x60cmx4(12x32inchx1, 12x24inchx4)
  • Large: 40x100cmx1,40x80cmx4(16x40inchx1, 16x32inchx4)

Our designs are made only with premium high-quality material!
***Please Note*** No Frames is just Rolled Canvas, you can choose the FRAMED option to receive it 'ready for hang'
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