Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens

  • The cell phone zoom lens allows you capture the scenery far away clearly and provide you a high resolution close-up pictures, make your short-sighted phone into a telephoto. 
  • Made of high quality advanced glass and shell, durable and portable, universal detachable clip design, clamp into your phone steady. Came with an eye piece cap, so the lens can be used as a telescope when not attached to the camera.
  • Easy to install and remove the phone camera lens and clip, take high quality, high definition picture with this device at any time. Make your photos vastly better than phone camera alone, record the impressed moment.
  • Compatible with most types of phones, including iPhone 7/6s/6Pluse/SE/5S, Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8 and More, just clip on, focus and click.


1. Made of high quality advanced glass and light aluminum alloy shell, durable and portable.
2. Universal detachable clip design, clamp into your phone steady. 
4. Make you enjoy the world of photography and discover the beauty of the virtual world. 
5. Fit most types of phones , like iPhone,/Samsung/HTC/iPad/Tablet PC.

The cell phone zoom lens change the way you take pictures
It act like a phone telescope to help you take photos of scenery far away, it has a good zoom and focus, so you have good control over your photo, the view can be very clear by turning the focus. 
It is especially convenient when take this 8X/12X telephoto lens to place like zoo, concert or watch the game, the view is too far away and you can not even see clearly from the distance. 
Simply clip the phone lens on your phone camera and it gives long vison, excellent color reproduction close-up pictures. 

Note: If the cell phone camera zoom lens doesn’t align with your phone camera, you will get dark circles around the screen, please align first. For the blurry picture, you need to adjust the ring on the lens to make sure you get best effect.

Package contents: 
12X telescope camera lens
1* Clip
1* Cleaning cloth

1.Clamp the clip on your phone, making sure to line up the lens connector with the phone camera 
2.Connect the lens with the clip, you will need to press the clip so that it will not slide off 
3.Turn on the camera of your phone, slightly adjust if the image is not clear 
4.Fine-tune the focus by adjusting the focal ring to gain good image, you should press on the clip to keep it fasten 
5.Slightly move and adjust the clip to the same direction if there are black corners in the picture. For example, move down slightly if the black corners are on the bottom of the picture and move up if they are on the top



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