Pet Grooming Glove


Do you have a fury baby at home? Do you love taking her to the pet salon but there are still times wherein she sheds to much fur? Do you want to remove the fur without having to shave them or cause some pain to them? Do you want a tool that will help you with that while you are cuddling them? Well, if that’s what you wanted then this Pet Grooming Glove is the item you should get!

What makes it worth buying?

  • It mimics the touch of your hand

It mimics the touch of your hand so your pet won’t feel irritated or scared. They will just feel that you are petting them and with that, they will stay right beside you until you’re entirely done removing the fur.

  • It massages your fury baby

It has 180 silicone tips that will not just catch the fur but will also massage your pet. This will make them feel more calm and relaxed as you rub this glove in their body. They might even feel sleepy. 

  • The hair sticks to the glove easily

Since the glove is made from silicone and has silicone tips, the fur sticks to it easily. So, your pet won’t feel any pain because you do not need to rub them roughly. You will be able to catch as much fur without too much pain for them.

  • It’s very easy to clean

Once you are done, you could easily clean this glove. Unlike when you are using a brush, the only thing you need to do to remove the hair is to peel it like the feeling of your screen protector. You will eventually see that almost all the fur will be peeled from the glove!

  • It’s perfect for all pet sizes and breeds

This is not just suitable for large size dogs it's also perfect for pugs and Chihuahua. You may also use it for your cat and other hairy pets you might have at home.

This will be a great pet grooming companion!

Item Specification

  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: M 23*17cm Right Hand / Left Hand
  • Color: Blue

Only available for a LIMITED TIME, so get yours TODAY!

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