Warm Soft Pet Blanket


Are you looking for a new and cozier blanket for your fury baby? Something that will be warm and soft for him? A pet blanket that will still look very attractive for your home? Something that you can put anywhere or bring wherever you go? If that’s the case, then you might want to try this really cute blanket. This is the Warm Soft Pet Blanket!

Why get this item?

  • It’s very comfortable for your pet

This blanket is made from flannel so you can be sure that it will really be soft for your fury baby. Also, this material will give them enough warmth as well. It is also very breathable so they won’t feel too hot in it. 

  • It’s suitable for carriers, sofas, etc.

This is not just for your floor, you could put it on your sofa to protect the leather from your pet’s nails. And if you want to bring them out and make them feel extra comfy, you could put it in their carrier without making it too heavy to carry.

  • It will make your pet feel at home wherever you are

Since this is very light and foldable, it will be easy for you to put it in your luggage in case you need to travel with your pet. With this, they won’t have a hard time sleeping anywhere because this blanket will make them feel like they are at home. 

  • It comes with star design

This might just be a simple rectangular mat but the star design makes it look extra. It makes it perfect for any home. The design is not too colorful nor has too many prints so if you are into a minimalist interior, this is the right pet blanket for you to have.

  • It’s non-fading

Of course, you would want to clean this blanket from time to time. You don't have to worry because the flannel is a non-fading material so even if you wash it several times, it’s warm color will remain. 

We are sure that you and your pet will love this blanket!

Item Specifications

  • Size: XS 20*20CM, S 40*60CM, M 60*80CM
  • Ideal for dogs,cats and.
  • Material: Flannel

    Only available for a LIMITED TIME, so get yours TODAY!

    Any questions? 
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